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Looking for a Reliable Commercial Cleaner?

We are a team of certified cleaning professionals that offers a host of services.   

Premium Commercial Cleaning

At Del Co Maintenance Services, our priority is ensuring a clean and safe space for you, your staff, and your clients and patrons. To that end, we offer contract commercial cleaning services, so that you can take care of business while we take care of any germs, dirt, or messes that may occur.

Customised Commercial Cleaning-Del Co Maintenance Services

Inquire About Contract Cleaning

Our services are as unique as your place of business; please contact us to discuss your needs.

Del Co Maintenance Services-premium commercial cleaning in Regina

Contract Commercial Cleaning

The best way to ensure a clean business area is to establish a regular cleaning routine. This is why we offer daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning plans throughout Regina and the surrounding area. All contracts are customised to meet your specific cleaning needs; however, our most requested services are:

• Emptying garbage and recycling bins

• Vacuuming carpets and rugs

• Cleaning windows

• Deep cleaning (washrooms, toilets, doors, and all high-touch surfaces)

• Spot Cleaning

Complete List of Commercial Cleaning Services

Of course, we can do much more! The following services are also available for inclusion in a customised commercial cleaning contract:

 Clean and sanitize restroom fixtures

 Dust and polish furniture as needed

 Dust window blinds and horizontal surfaces

• Clean kitchen/break room fixtures and appliances

• Sweep and mop any tile or hard flooring

• Toilet cleaning and disinfecting

• Restroom cleaning and disinfecting

• Kitchen and Break Room cleaning and disinfecting

• Refilling restroom supplies

• Sweeping and mopping floors

• Complete floor maintenance

• Cleaning reception area and foyers

• Cleaning of light fixtures and skirting boards

 Entranceways and corridor cleaning

• Cubicles and private office cleaning

• Conference room cleaning

• Common area cleaning

• Elevators and stairways cleaning

• Dusting of workspaces, surface areas, and office equipment

• Clean entrance glass and any interior glass.

• Dust air vents and returns along with ceiling fans

Del Co Maintenance Services-premium commercial cleaning in Regina
Wash all floors-Del Co Maintenance Services


In addition to regular cleaning of offices and other commercial spaces, we also offer heavy cleaning services that can be added to any contract for an additional fee or sold separately as a one-time service. These include:

 Carpet cleaning


 Parking lot sweeping

 Floor stripping and waxing


Commercial Cleaning 

We can keep your business clean and fresh with disinfection, floor & carpet cleaning, floor stripping & waxing, outdoor building maintenance & landscaping.

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