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Del Co Maintenance Services -party cleaning

Do You Need Help Cleaning for an Event?

Our team of certified cleaners can clean before or after any party or event.

Pre and/or Post Event Cleaning

Whether you’re planning a party in your home, office, or public space, there are a hundred things to do, so let Del Co Maintenance Services take care of the cleaning for you! We ensure that your venue is in tip-top shape to receive your guests and in equal condition afterwards.

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Plan Your Party & Leave the Cleaning to Us

Whether you’re planning a small in-home gathering or a large event, let us tend to the event cleaning for you.

serving platters for the party-Del Co Maintenance

Pre-Event Cleaning 

In addition to performing a regular scheduled cleaning, we can come into your home, office, or other venue to:

 Tidy and dust

 Do an extra weekly clean including vacuuming, mopping, and cleaning the bathrooms and kitchen

 Do a deep clean of less-frequently cleaned areas such as blinds, walls, curtains

 Clean all earthenware, glassware, silverware, and serving platters for the party

 Rearrange furniture in the party area

 Clean tables and chairs

Post-Event Cleaning

After your guests have gone and the event is over, we will return to the venue to repeat the pre-event cleaning and go even further to ensure that all party messes are taken care of. We will:

 Take out the trash and recycling

 Clean all kitchen areas and surfaces

 Clean and sanitize the bathrooms

 Reorganize furniture in party areas

 Wash dishes and cutlery

 Clean mirrors and glass.

 Spot clean

 Clean the rest of the venue as requested (i.e. bedrooms in a home, the entrance in a home or community hall)

Del Co Maintenance Services -pre party cleaning

Commercial Cleaning 

We can keep your business clean and fresh with disinfection, floor & carpet cleaning, floor stripping & waxing, outdoor building maintenance & landscaping.

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